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Doyle Perez — 3707401
Project 3 — SKO

Delivering a new retail customer experience

Project outline
Designing experience studio at RMIT

14 weeks

Research, design, develop and test

On this page
A visual experience of my designed response based on research and problem identification within demographic context.

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Customers are inconvenienced by low stock levels in store.* This demonstrates to the customer that the business doesn’t understand their buying behaviour and needs. The result is that the experience fails to meet their expectations.

*Initially discovered in a Nike store


Personas allowed me to make informed decisions based on empathy and connection.


a—me (spoken “a to me”)
A sportswear delivery service partnered with users favourite sportswear brands. Delivering locally within 60 mins.

How does it solve the problem?
Check store inventory quickly and easily before you leave the couch of office. A proactive solution I discovered through customer journey mapping—addressing the problem before it occurs.

Product selection screen displaying an inactive button to signify no available stock.


A 4 minute video that demonstrates a use case scenario of the experience in context.

William, 27, is a product owner in the financial services industry currently working from home.

Elevating the experience

What effort was made to create a memorable user experience?
  • Design the physical experience
  • Develop a brand identity that functions to navigate, reassure and engage users
  • Explore touchpoints for a consistent and coherent brand experience
  • Expand the service beyond Nike to include more partners
Splash screen of the a—me prototype

Brand identity

Driven by purpose to help people be more productive and be motivated to exercise; living a happier and healthier life.

  • Approachable
  • Authentic
  • Confident

Our language is easy to understand. We embrace diversity and are true to ourselves. We’re proud of our services and the role we play in our community.

  • Accountability
  • Energy
  • Safety

We respect customers product and are accountable for our services. We work efficiently to deliver your product as quickly as possible. Your safety is paramount to our customer service.

Consistent and coherent from button to billboard
The look and feel of the brand reflects personality and ethos. This is communicated through naming, logo, type, colour, voice, animation and touchpoints.


Tote bag
Orders are treated like gifts. Easy for customers to carry home from work.

Opening your door to a stranger? Uniform helps to build trust by reassuring customers it’s a—me staff.

Communicate service and brand promise.

Early draft poster concept. Local presence with active advertising. Line maps the delivery path.

Delightful digital experiences keeping users informed every step of the way.

Varies depending on the circumstances of the context. If there’s an error, comms will be clear and direct. In a general sense it is friendly, conversational and easy to understand.

Delivery staff are authentic and polite.

Small moments of delight to demonstrate a polished and well considered experience. Animation and transitions choreographed with speeds ranging from 100ms - 400 ms. This reflects the speedy service the brand delivers and apple’s guidelines to “show content as soon as possible.”

Experience it for yourself

You’re busy working at the office. You’re meeting a friend for gym tonight but forgot your gym shoes.

Place an order from Nike Melbourne Central for a Men’s Nike Metcon 5 in a US 10.5. Have it delivered to 171 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000. Wait for the delivery then rate your service.

You have completed the task when you reach the screen below.

Please note that you will not actually receive the delivery... or will you.  *knock knock*

Process documentation

I documented my design journey through research, ideation, prototype development. This includes my process, findings and reflections.

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