S1UXD 2024 
Overall, the app is created to be a comprehensive flight booking tool.
The App is designed to help users easily complete their flight booking process. It is compatible with major airlines, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Jet Journey offers several key features to help users streamline the user flow and improve their user experience.

In addition to these features, the app includes flight boarding pass downloading functionality, allowing users to share their trip with their loved ones.

01.  UX Research
02.  Personas
03.  Sketch
04.  Wireframing
05.  User testing
06.  UI Design
07.   Design System
08.  Usability Testing

User Experience

User Interface

Was discovered that when booking a flight can often be a tedious and complicated experience.
Exploring user needs helped me to know while the needs and pain points are different, all user groups share the same task and goal: to find and book the best flight easily and quickly.
One of the most common problems encountered with flight booking apps is the lack of user-friendly interfaces and confusing navigation.
Based on the number of passengers + departure date, create a final flight search options, and also removed the normally used navigation bar in the app

Bowen Guan