S1UXD 2024 


A website designed in response to problems experienced by graduating Melbourne design students transitioning into professional practice identified in user research.

Identified Problems 

Students need more contextual technical skills and familiarity with real-world industry practices and expectations. To fill in these gaps in knowledge, they will often search online for guidance but need help finding relevant and detailed information and feel inadequate when viewing final professional project outcomes shared online. As a result, students can find themselves overwhelmed and insecure, lacking access to design communities of mutual benefit to enter professional practice confidently and with a sense of belonging.

The Solution

The direction I came up with is a website called Processed: A platform to share and learn from each other's design process, encouraging transparent reflection by sharing the process behind design projects all in one place. Through this platform, students are less daunted by their transition because they are exposed to industry expectations and connect with real design work to develop their skills with intention.

Interactive Figma prototype. Not all content is clickable; if this is the case, any clickable content will be highlighted to assist you with navigating the prototype.

Product Use Case Video

Demonstration video of Processed through a use case scenario featuring an RMIT design student uploading their final assessment and coming to terms with what it means to be a professional after graduating.

Design Direction Documentation

If you wish to gain detailed insight into the development of this design response, you can access the complete process, including concept ideation, personas, prototyping and testing.

View the complete process ︎︎︎

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