S1UXD 2023 

Parkie Finder: Orienteerting CBD Parking Space Activity

s3825542 Sei Rim Sohn

01. Project Overview

People who have driven a car in the city may have had difficulties with parking issues at least once in their lives. Hence, the project aims to develop appropriate design solutions that provide a memorable user experience and solve parking-related problems focusing on the contexts of the chosen demographic group.

02. Demographic

03. Focused Problems & Needs

04. Service Definition

Parkie Finder is an entertainment brand that hosts exciting game events for orienteering parking spots in Australia CBDs. The event was designed to reduce the burden of parking fees and increase access to information on city parking facilities and different parking rules for each state.

05. Service Core Value

06. Brand Logo

It is a brand logo that delivers a dynamic and long sideways feeling.

07. Colour Palette

08. Touch Points


These are poster mock-ups displayed in Melbourne City, where this year’s event will be held.


Due to the strong ultraviolet rays in Australia, we provide our brands’ hats to block sunlight and a well-ventilated T-shirts.


We provide a space for participants to sit and relax next to a booth that provides food and drinks.


The friendly and comfortable image of the staff reduce inconvenience during the event. There are always staff in charge of medical and security in case of emergency situations.

High Fidelity Prototype

Prototype link: https://xd.adobe.com/view/b8ebe07e-c56c-4bbc-98ea-e01340808a02-edb8/?fullscreen

10. Showcase Video