S1UXD 2024 

Experience ━
Semester One

Jack Bethell

Hooped: A digital platform creating community in sports entertainment.

Yu Bi

iMeds: Taking the complication out of medication instructions.

Huyen My Bui

YourGallery:  A VR gallery for young artists.

Xueli Chee

Plant, Coffee & Friends: A pop up connecting plant lovers.

Wanying Chen

Lead: An organisation plugin for online collaboration platforms.

Hananta Dharma

Plavo: Helping gamers lessen eye strain and irritations due to a prolonged monitor exposure.

Gefei Li

Blacklist: Helping combat pink tax.

Zhaoyu Li

Aithenticate Cottage: A better thirifting experience.

Chengyi Sheng

Helping owners communicate with their pets.

Sei Rim Sohn

Parkie Finder: Improving Victorias parking experience.

Yuchen Song

Improving the process of ordering takeaway.

Claudia Sullivan

Gig Find: A gig discovery solution created for music lovers.

Yan Sun

ES+: A new platform for all extreme sports lovers.

Yanzhu Wei

My Kcal: Helping people to manage meals reasonably.

Ailin Wu

A VR makeup app where users can virtually experience makeup trends.

Peng Xu

Fit Keeper: Helping users keep more healthy habbits.

Hsin-Yi Yao

Helping users create their favourite deserts.

Lan Yi

PayTF: A faster and easier way to pay traffic fines.

Xinhan You

Walk With Me: Helping to improve daily travel for the blind.

Yihui Zhu

A web platform to help people research, choose and decide on a tattoo style and artist.


Jack Bethell, Yu Bi, Huyen My Bui, Xueli Chee, Wanying Chen, Yeh Ching Hsiu Chen, Hananta Dharma, Gefei Li, Zhaoyu Li, Chengyi Sheng, Sei Rim Sohn, Yuchen Song, Claudia Sophia Anne Sullivan, Yan Sun, Yanzhu Wei, Ailin Wu, Peng Xu, Hsin-Yi Yao, Lan Yi, Xinhan You, Yihui Zhu, Ka Meng Zuo

Key Dates

① 24 March - Research
② 28 April - Design
③ 2 June - SKO

Communication Design