S1UXD 2024 

YIFAN ZHANG                                                                                          





Some of the people in the demographic I surveyed use computers rather than mobile
phones for a long time,  but most of the running applications run on mobile phones. Some

of the  people in the demographic I surveyed want to go running but they don't

have a reasonable  running plan. And some people don't pay attention to the weather and

don't choose the righ clothes, which leads to illness. Some of the people in the demographic

I surveyed don't like to use mobile phones while running because they cause distraction

and aggravate their running burden.



The concept I chose to solve the problem is ‘some people don’t have time to plan their runs

and ignore the weather when they run’. My persona Lily is a well-organized woman. So I

chose to design an application that would recommend suitable running plans and dressing

recommendations for her based on her daily calendars. This would allow her to view her

customized running plans and clothing recommendations for the day in the software.

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