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imeds n.

The name of imeds is the combination of me(user) and the relevant medical services.

CCA: convenient, concise ,accurate

What is imeds?

imeds is focused on building a digital-first information ecosystem by using contactless way, the QRcode. It provides users with convenient, concise, and accurate medicine instructions and knowledge for diseases, as well as a one-stop service platform for symptom self-checking and online pharmacy.    

For Whom

GenZ/ People who are familiar with technology or internet.
Desire to have a simpler form of medication instructions.
Skilled/enthusiastic in using the Internet to search for information.
Seeking quick access to information and convenience.



QR code scans the box and brings up a streamlined medicine information directly,which is apparent  to the users eyes.

Just ask imeds than internet, imeds is more authoritative by refer to the State Drug Administration and the National Pharmacopoeia to protects your health.

Detailed medicine instructions in succinct plus multilingual translations as well as Q&A section, don't have to worry about being confused.

Self-checking of symptoms, from cause to treatment to prevention, let you have a better understanding of your health.

One-stop service platform, providing genuine medication channels with more favorable prices.

How it’ll make money

Online Pharmacies. Portal brands are on board, and when more users join imeds, brands wants to push themselves to users where they need to pay a certain amount of money for advertising.

The app can be set up as a subscription system, relying on high-tech QR code information on drug searches with concise language, an accurate, up-to-date drug database system, and a low-cost resource for purchasing medications.

In the future, it can be used by cooperating with hospitals to get doctors on board, so that they can make appointments directly with doctors in the user's access.


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